Ae Khuda Un Se

Eid Shayari urdu

Ay Khudda Un Say Mela Day Eid Pr
Aab Mara Tou Ghum Meta Day Eid Pr

Hasratoon Kay Aab Tou Melay Hain Lagay
Choriyan He Vo Dela Day Eid Pr

Hijjar Bhe Main Kat Loon Ge Pr Muggar
Aab Mara Na Dil Jela Day Eid Pr

Aik Muddat Say Payasa Dil Mara
Aik Sawan Ke Ghata Day Eid Pr

Dayar e Ghair Main Uthae Mehak
Koai Aesay Bhi Sada Day Eid Pr

Aroj Hai Andheroon Ka Her Rah Main
Qurbatoon Ka Aik Diya Day Eid Pr

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