Zinda Rahen to Kya Hai

Munir Nazai Urdu Poetry

Zienda Rhein Tou Keya Ha, Jou Mer Jayin Hm Tou Keya
Duniya Say Khamoshae Say Guzar Jayin Hm Tou Keya

Haste He Apne Kaya Ha, Zamane Kay Samne
Aik Khwwab Hain Jahan Main, Jou Bekhar Jayin Hm Tou Keya

Aib Kayan Muntazer Ha Hamare Liyi Wahan
Sham Aay Gaye Ha, Lout Kay Ghur Jayin Hm Tou Keya

Dil Ke Khalesh Tou Sath Rahe Ge Tamam Ummr
Darre e Ghum Kay Par, Uttar Jayin Hm Tou Keya

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