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Ayub Khawar

Jo Aaina Tere Sorat N Day


Ju Aena Teray Surt Aqqs Dana Mujhay
Us Aenay Ke Tamana Kabhe Rahana Mujhay

Mein Jen Ke Khuj Mein Aik Umr Hr Batha Hun
Vo Khushbu K Jazire Kahe Malena Mujhay

Khole Ketab Hoon, Her Alfz Aena Ha Mera
Magr Vo Loog! Abhe Tk Ju Pirh Sakay Na Mujhay

Mein Tera Lams Mein, Tu Mera Lums Mein Ghol Jay
Aor Is Traen Ke Khabr Ha Na Ho, Tujhay Na Muje

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